The following excerpt is taken from Indymedia News on 4th Dec 2011:

Gerry Georgatos Riyadh Al-Hakimi was brought to tears watching a small Iraqi child drag himself along the street. The stump of his right leg left a trail in the dust as he dragged his body inch by inch. It was 2003 and Riyadh would soon be on his way to Australia and to a university education; however he vowed to do something for the children of his war-torn homeland. Riyadh describes, “I watched as he dragged himself, leaving a pitiful trail in the dust. There are many of these trails in Iraqi towns. Like many thousands of other Iraqi children who have lost limbs during years of war in Iraq, there was nothing that could be done for the boy. Our country has been devastated by the war, and it takes every effort to find the strength to cope with each day.”

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