The following excerpt is taken from The Donnybrook-Bridgetown Mail on 30th Nov 2011:

RIYADH Al-Hakimi was brought to tears watching a small Iraqi child drag himself along the street.
The stump of his right left a trail in the dust as he dragged his body inch by inch.
It was 2003 and Mr Al-Hakimi would soon be on his way to Australia and to a university education; however he vowed to do something for the children of his war-torn homeland.
Mr Al-Hakimi was a Curtin University student when he met Bridgetown resident Gerry Georgatos, the then co-ordinator of Students Without Borders and Murdoch University Guild general manager and they agreed to transport children’s wheelchairs to Iraq.
Mr Al-Hakimi and Mr Georgatos teamed up through Students Without Borders to send one shipping container load of wheelchairs to Iraq.
They approached the Rotary-based Wheelchairs for Kids, a Perth volunteer organisation who donated one load of wheelchairs after another to Students Without Borders for Iraqi children.
However, at the time there were sanctions and no commercial ship would enter Iraqi waters.
With the help of the Australian Defence Force they delivered a load of 330 children’s wheelchairs from the Perth-based wheelchair manufacturer.

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