The following excerpt is taken from The West Online on 18th July 2011:


Help comes on wheels for child war victims

Over the past decade, the Al Muthanna and Basra regions of Iraq have challenged Angola for the unenviable record of highest proportion of child amputees.
This is why the Gnangara-based Wheelchairs for Kids and the Human Rights Alliance work tirelessly to send wheelchairs to amputees in Iraq who cannot afford them.
Alliance convener Gerry Georgatos said children, who made up 20 per cent of amputees in Iraq, were victims of war, high levels of radioactivity and unexploded landmines from the Gulf war.
“The radioactivity in the Al Muthanna region and in Basra from depleted uranium used during the war has led to a disproportionate number of babies with deformities,” he said.
“Many will never be able to walk.
“And there are more than 50,000 amputees in Iraq, many of them women and children.”

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